The Junior Kinder room caters for 32 children a day between the ages of 3 and 4 years old and aims to support the children’s growing independence and development. A focus of the room is on the children’s fine motor skills in preparation for their journey to four-year-old kinder and beyond.

The room itself is large, light and airy and is well resourced ensuring the children have every opportunity to build, create, dance, read and express themselves both individually and as part of a group.

In the Junior Kinder room the educators foster the children’s interests and their willingness to explore and question the world around them. There is a strong focus on supporting the children’s sense of belonging and self-esteem whilst they attend the program.

We believe that by having this supportive and interest based approach to the daily learning, it allows both educators and children to respect each other’s contribution and learn together. The educator’s relationships with the children give them a sense of security that allows them to attempt new experiences, learn new things and grow as individuals.

There is also a strong emphasis on the importance of the outdoor environment whilst at Little Scooters. The educators in the Junior Kinder room ensure that the children have the opportunity to get outside and engage in physical activity every day. To further support this, the children participate in a sports program – Active Start Sports – on a Tuesday during each term.

There is a wide variety of experiences the children can engage with whilst outdoors all designed to foster the development of their gross motor skills and to strengthen their large muscle groups as well as to encourage social interaction.

Communication with families and parental input is highly valued at Little Scooters. The educators in the Junior Kinder room are always happy and eager to talk to parents about their child and recognise the value in having strong relationships with our families.