The Junior Toddler room is an inviting and developmentally rich environment where children from the ages of 15 months to 2 years love to come to learn and achieve their milestones.

The room runs an indoor/outdoor program which allows the children free choice of where they would like to play. The structure of the program is based on children’s interests and needs and aims to promote each child’s independence and to foster their own emerging identities.

There is a strong emphasis placed on helping the children to gain independence with their self help skills – skills such as feeding themselves, beginning to dress and undress themselves, identifying their needs in respect to nappy changes, tiredness, thirst and hunger and then communicating those needs to their educators.

The large outdoor yard creates a rich, fun filled area for the children to explore. In these areas the children can enjoy exploring the sand pit, climbing frames, trucks, cars and tractors, ride on toys, water play and many, many more fun and educational experiences.

The indoor area is a place for children to get creative with the arts, including painting and drawing with different materials and in different mediums. They can explore their imaginations to build with different construction materials or indulge their more dramatic sides by role playing with their peers in the home corner.

The Junior Toddler room relies heavily on its relationships with families as we understand the wealth of knowledge and insight a parent can bring to their child’s development. By working together, we can ensure the children feel like they belong and that their needs, interests and wants are supported.