At Little Scooters we run a funded 4 year old Kindergarten program where our main goal is building the children’s social and emotional skills to prepare them for the year ahead, school and life. We like to help build children’s self esteem to help them become confident and happy individuals.

We believe children learn and develop skills (physical, cognitive, emotional and social) through educational, creative and challenging play based experiences and that these experiences are most effective when they are based on the children’s interests.

Our program is designed to encourage play, exploration and investigation both in and outdoors. Within our yard and room there are specially created play spaces for imaginative play, reading, construction, drawing, problem solving, science, art, sensory exploration, technology, literacy and numeracy. In these play spaces children learn to:

  • work with others and build friendships through group experiences and cooperative play.
  • Express their creativity.
  • Build their communication skills.
  • Develop the skills that they need for reading, writing and mathematics.

When not exploring and playing in the spaces provided we also have periods during the day for ‘group times.’ We start our day with a morning meeting where we warm up our brains and minds through some exercises that encourage both the left and right sides of our brain to work together; we call this brain gym. In our meetings we discuss the days date, what we have planned for the day as well as count how many of us are here for the day.

The children participate in show and share, often a highlight for most children. The children have the opportunity to bring in something special and talk about this in front of their peers and answer their questions. There are times where the children will be set a challenge and will need to show something that fits into the topic we are exploring at the time, such as something that stats with the letter B.

Still in a group setting we often have discussions on various topics, read and listen to stories, sing songs and participate in yoga.

We are very lucky to have special extra experiences that the kinder children get to join in on, such as our:

  • Active Starts Sport Program – is designed specifically for children aged 3-5 years and caters for children from all backgrounds and abilities. The program aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework and is structured to help the children achieve the five overall learning outcomes of the framework. As well as helping the children to achieve these outcomes the program works on health, physical education and social development.
  • Library program – offered in term four and the children will be able to experience borrowing books. They will be able to browse the shelves, and pick the book they like best. We talk to the children about being responsible for the care of the book and also for bringing it back on time.
  • Kinder pet – caring for budgies. We enjoy having a pair of birds that are ready to breed so the children can see the hatching and growth of the baby birds.
  • Learning Japanese – The children learn Japanese through the Early Learning Languages Australia program (ELLA). ELLA is a fun and easy digital language program for preschool children. The program is an Australian Government initiative aimed at encouraging more students to study language.
  • ELLA introduces children to learning a new language via interactive tablet apps, which have been developed in consultation with experts in languages, early childhood and technology. The Polyglots are a cast of characters who – through play-based learning – introduce the children to words, sentences and songs in another language. The apps draw on the interests and activities of young children, such as celebrations, cooking experiences, art activities, building and role-play.

Also as part of the Kinder curriculum the children are able to participate in a range of different incursions and programs, these may include:

  • Wild Action.
  • Dentist Visits.
  • Rabbit rearing.
  • Farm Visits.
  • Responsible Pet Education Program.
  • CFA visit and many more.

We very much like for families to be involved in their child’s learning and experiences when at Kinder. Face to face communication is always great but we understand, running a kindergarten program in a long day care setting, we need to be flexible due to families work and other commitments. We like to keep the level of communication open through phone calls, conversations on our program app Story Park and offer parent/teacher interviews throughout the year.