Little Scooters Nursery can have up to 12 babies and caters for children from 6 weeks of age to 15 months. Our aim is to provide a nurturing, caring and safe and secure environment where the children can learn, grow and develop within a flexible routine and curriculum.

Each individual child’s dietary requirements, from the introduction of first solids through to age appropriate meals are catered for. Educators continually discuss children’s dietary requirements with families as they progress.

Communication is the heart of the nursery and we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with our families. We understand that many families do long days and won’t always see familiar educators, we therefore encourage the families to utilise the many communication tools we have available. This ensures the most up to date information and care is provided as well as ensuring a continuity of care in both home and care environments.

Families are provided with an overview of their child’s day via a daily information board which outlines the children’s meals, sleep times and bottles. Nappy changes are also recorded and are easily accessible to the families.

In the Nursery we offer a range of stimulating experiences to foster the development of each child, whilst also providing opportunities for the children to learn through play. These opportunities are both planned and spontaneous and cater for the child’s individual interests and needs. As well as learning through active play, much of the children’s learning stems from their drive to investigate their surroundings through their senses.

The children’s learning is documented through the online program Storypark – observations, learning stories and developmental moments are observed in the room and aim to provide parents with information about their child’s achievements and interests as well as an overview of their time at Little Scooters.

The nursery has its own separate decking area for outside play. This area is made available to the children as much as possible as we endeavour to run the room as an indoor/outdoor program. This area is solely for the babies and allows the children to explore the outdoors whilst still being in a secure, supportive and safe environment.