In the toddler room the children are aged between 2-3.5 years. The toddler room is set up based on the children’s interests and development, allowing the children to express themselves socially and independently through role-play and self-expression.

The children are provided with a variety of activities and resources encouraging them to make their own choices and explore their environment. The toddlers have their own outdoor area located at the top of the outdoor yard, here the children are provided with plenty of opportunities to get active and have fun whilst building on their gross motor skills.

Included in the toddler program is an educational dance and fitness program. Nikita comes out to the centre every Friday and delivers the program ’Happy Feet’ for the children. Each week a different topic is covered with the aim to help the children to develop a range of developmental skills, through song, dance and story. The program teaches the children about healthy eating and physical activity and the impact they can make on their bodies.

We understand that during this age group the children become more socially responsible and are able to form and sustain friendships for longer periods. Experiences and play spaces are set out to encourage and support this.

As the children transition to the toddler room they begin to move away from parallel play and start engaging in play experiences with peers. This is where strong friendships begin to form and continue as the children move on to different rooms.

In the toddler room the children are becoming more independent and are working on their self-help skills. The routine in the toddler room is embedded with opportunities for the children to develop these skills including putting on and taking off their clothes, washing their hands before meal times and packing up after finishing play and using face washers to clean their faces after meal times.

The children in this age group are offered challenging yet achievable experiences so they can experience success and develop or improve their skills.